The 3 Steps to Creativity


Creativity is an immersive process that engages all the senses.
Mindfulness, Freedom and Curiosity are key states of mind that trigger imagination. That's why we've created three distinct categories for our aromas and scents.



Mindfulness scented candles and teas are beautiful aromas and scents that engage your senses to bring mindfulness to everyday life, creating moments in time when you can reconnect with yourself and those around you.

We live in the age of distraction, and given our fast pace lives, anxiety, stress and unhappiness have become the new norm. But our mind, body and soul need moments of stillness to recharge and reflect.

Our Mindfulness candles and teas will help you feel fully awake in the moment, creating warm and calming atmospheres conducive to complete relaxation.


Freedom scented candles and teas are symphonies of fragrant notes that help you reconnect with the music of your soul, reigniting your care-free spirit.

To be creative and unleash your imagination, you need to give yourself permission to be care-free, to play and to fail. Discover your inner child, make your own rules and feel free to mess up!  

Our Freedom candles and teas will engage all your senses in synergy to fill your soul. Their energising and fruity notes have the power to spark joy and excitement, but also maintain focus and clarity for new ideas to flow.



Curiosity scented candles and teas are the unexpected fusion of scents and flavours created to stimulate your natural taste for discovery and wanderlust.

It's too easy to live in fear of the unknown, of failure and judgement. But to ignite creativity, we need to embrace uncertainty and never stop learning.

With versatile, invigorating notes evocative of escapism and fearlessness, our Curiosity candles and teas will entice you to be bold. Their fragrant and stimulating scents and flavours will reignite the explorer in you.

Relax. Let go. Be curious.