We strive to drive social progress promoting creative mindful living

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Art creates bonds and offers sensory experiences that deeply connects people across communities. 

Recent researches have proven that participation in Art related activities increases cognitive abilities, but can also contribute to improved social relationships and community cohesion.  

At HOUSE OF LILAH, we believe that art is a powerful force for social change, and we want to leverage that force to help underprivileged young people unleash their magic.

"Through HOUSE OF LILAH, I want to help create life-changing opportunities for marginalised young people. Four years ago, I started a period of introspection supported by the practice of meditation, and this helped me realise that I was lucky to have always been surrounded by caring and supportive people. Their positive energy gave me the confidence required to chase after my dreams.

Unfortunately, many young people don’t have a role model or someone they can ask for advice in their life. I want to support art-related projects to reignite the imagination and spark the ambition of underprivileged young people."

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"I proudly define myself as an artivist. A person who uses all forms or creative expressions as tools to drive social change, and fight against injustice and oppression. 

Through our beautifully crafted products and art-related projects, I want to reignite kid's imagination and spark their ambition. Therefore, I have joined forces with ARTS EMERGENCY as the mentor of a young person in London. In addition, 10% of the HOUSE OF LILAH annual profits will be donated, to support their amazing work. "

Chantal M'Biki, Founder

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We are a small business, but we are committed to acting responsibly. We want to play an active role in making our world fairer and protecting the planet. That means trading ethically, developing nature-friendly formulations, and using recycled or recyclable materials.

Our candles are a natural blend of soy, coconut, bees and rapeseed waxes that respect the environment, offering a slow and clean burn.

They are poured by hand in our signature vessels, to bring a stylish touch to any interior. Our concrete vessels can be reused to keep sparking creative thoughts.  

Our teas are sourced directly by our partner from small artisans that follow ancient traditions. Each tea garden is visited to ensure fairly traded and ethically sourced products. 

All our tea pouches are made of recyclable paper and our lovely designs are printed on biodegradable labels. 

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